Listen// Burning Houses shimmer into view

Alt-rock outfit shares fuzzily infectious new single.


If you’re a keen fan of Smashing Pumpkins and wonder what it might sound like if Billy Corgan stepped into a literal echo chamber, then this is one for you. Burning House’s latest single, Peach, is all of these things and more.

Fusing elements of shoegaze and decade-spanning American Indie, the band’s sound is defined by multi-layered, piercing guitar rhythms, sophisticated melodic arrangements, and tempos spanning introspective, stripped down pieces through to distinctly upbeat, frenetic songs.

Among these, Peach is perhaps the poppiest cut the three-piece have put out to date. However, that doesn’t mean it’s a happy-go-lucky single by any stretch; the single still carries some heavy themes.

“Peach explores that feeling of impermanence and precariousness when we allow ourselves to fuse with another, often at the expense of our own identity,” explained vocalist and central figure Aaron Mills. “It also concerns the distant idea of happiness portrayed in holiday brochures and billboards, the kind that make happiness an impossible ideal…”

If that doesn’t get your grunge senses tingling, then hopefully the song itself will.

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