Listen// Icy introspection

New indie-electronic single from Kasbo is a perfect trance-like track for winter.

Aside from Christmas songs, winter is the time of year where atmospheric, introspective songs really feel like they’re fitting the seasonal mood. That’s probably why Kasbo‘s latest single Snow In Gothernburg feels so wintery; it’s a melodic masterclass in introspection, with crystalline synths and atmospheric harmonices that will spin listeners into a trance.

When talking about the new single Kasbo says, “I’ve been listening to a lot of melancholic house driven music lately and most of my productions this past year have been widely inspired by that. Snow In Gothenburg is where I take this concept to its fullest. It came out as one of my most atmospheric and personal tracks I’ve made.

“The song itself is about loneliness and isolation, and the freedom of coming to terms with those feelings. Seeing the beauty of realizing that everyone has their own ways to go in life and that not everyone is supposed to have someone.”

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