Premiere// Amigo 1000 – A game I just can’t win

Ironically titled, as the electro-R&B fusion feels like a winning combo to us.

Amigo 1000 is a man of many accolades. While the project itself is new, Thomas Volmer Schulz, the man behind the moniker, is a frequent collaborator of electronic visionary Kenneth Bager and co-composer of the 2016 film While We Live (alongside Grammy winner Bent Fabricius-Bjerre).

It goes without saying then that any new material from the Amigo 1000 project has some degree of interest surrounding it, as we know what Schulz is capable of. New single A Game I Just Can’t Win drops today, and it’s one that definitely delivers on expectations.

Offering up a forward-thinking fusion of electronic and r&b stylings that features sultry vocals from American artist Jutty Ranx, the track juts forward on an engaging and engulfing series of synth stabs and silky melodies. It’s a perfect mix of R&B inspired vocalwork that adds colour and texture to the constant buzz of synths.

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