Listen// Deconstructing lust’s self-deception

Bryde tackles instant gratification, lust and desire.

Being human is being imperfect, impulsive and vulnerable, and nowhere is this more apparent than in the daily struggle to gratify our desires. For Welsh songwriter Bryde, this is a harsh reality that demands exploring – and so she does, on new single Desire.

If the harsh reality of self-deception sounds like it requires a dark tone to express, Bryde seems to agree. Desire is built on a dark riff that skulks along a basic, no-frills drum rhythm to give a sound that wouldn’t be out of place in late 90s post-Grunge.

Discussing the single, Bryde stated “Desire is about lust, our need for instant gratification, about desire’s addictive qualities and how they can make us behave. I was inspired both by the way people have treated me and how I’ve treated others and how I’ve become unrecognisable to myself in the past just to appeal to this side of someone else’s personality.”

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