Video// Feel the heat with WhoMadeWho

A strange video for an electronic call to sexual arms.

Excelling in music that oscillates between disco, funk, techno, indie-rock and pop, WhoMadeWho is an outfit that is not stranger to packing a lot into seemingly innocuous packages. Yet latest single Dynasty sees the band take this to a new level.

As well as packaging together a mixed bag of genres into one consistent electronic track with an infectious, club-ready and remix-baiting chorus, the song also tackles – in a soft touch fashion – the idea of sex drive in the 21st century.

Referring to the track as being inspired by the likes of Tinder making intimacy more accessible but less commonplace, the band stated that “we’re all setting ourselves the goal of a perfect life while still hankering after sweaty, dirty sex—and the two are not always compatible.”

That explains why the song is set to seductive electropop beats and holds a solid groove that, as the band admits, is designed to get listeners to have more sex. Strange that it’s coupled with a video of a raincoat-and-wellies-clad, ice-holding man walking the streets, but we’ll take it.

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