Listen// Raise your voice with Penguin Prison

Electropop artist drops 80s throwback track with social call to action.

It’s been a long two years since we last heard from Penguin Prison and a lot has changed in that time. We’ve seen the runaway success of the artist’s peers like Walk The Moon, as well as a lot of social upheaval. Luckily, the artist’s comeback single Turn It Up makes up for lost time.

Combining electropop synth bubbles and vocal samples with funked up guitar lines and a bouncy bassline makes the track perfectly equipped to make strides towards the same mainstream success found by Walk The Moon. But beyond that, the soulful vocals of Chris Glover, as well as the lyrical call to action that underpins the track, give the track something that most other bands would kill to achieve; an impactful purpose.

As Penguin Prison himself explained (without being too specific), “It’s not loud enough, turn it up means be heard; raise your voice; don’t become complacent. It’s not normal what’s happening right now and we must remind ourselves and others of this.”

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