Listen// An amalgamation of electronic excellence

Kasbo teams up with Nea to smash genre boundaries.

If you were to try and imagine a mash up between electronic, EDM, R&B and world music, chances are you wouldn’t be able to conceive of anything that would work even remotely as well as Kasbo‘s new single Bleed It Out.

The track, which features some soulful vocalwork from Nea, has apparently been two years in the making and the hard work has paid off. Over the short three minute run time, the track boldly explores a range of genres and makes each one bend to its own rules. Combing EDM synth works, a bass drop and panpipe-sounding instrumentation, for example, is not the conventional recipe for success – yet it makes for one of this track’s most memorable and effective moments.

Talking about the track, Kasbo stated that “This song is mainly inspired by my backpacking trip through China and Vietnam. Travelling around this place that has a complete different culture and way of life gave me a very uneasy feeling but was also very intriguing, and going there with your friends it was just a whole mess of emotions.

“Familiarity, clashing with fear in a complete foreign environment. There are so many new impressions during such a short time, things going on everywhere, a lot of the places we visited were extremely chaotic while at the same time very alluring. It was something that at first stemmed some kind of anxiety within me but something I grew to love, was kind of a beautiful chaos.”

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