Listen// Folk against depression

Ella Grace’s new single is an emotional folk journey into depression in love.

It’s a bit of a cliché for folk music to find either the beauty in negativity or the sourness of sweet things, but Ella Grace doesn’t care about this. Which is just as well, because if she did she may not have composed the emotionally-weighty and angelic Here We Are Again.

Using plodding bass sections and entwining piano and guitar melodies to create a hypnotic backdrop, Grace sets about telling the story of a love lost to depression and the journey onward from that space. The end result is a lumbering song, weighed down with emotional significance, that hits emotions hard.

Discussing the inspiration for the track and the sentiment behind it, Grace explained “sometimes we have to let go of love, and not always because the love is lost, sometimes it’s because the people in it have lost themselves.”

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