Listen// Well-travelled indie-electro

Rina Mushonga shares an infectious tribute to rootlessness.

While many of us naturally hold aspirations to one day enjoy the freedom of just travelling the world, few of us aspire to experience the rootlessness of relocation. With that said, Rina Mushonga‘s latest single Jungles has made the idea sound a lot more appealing.

Mushonga is no stranger to feeling a stranger. The Dutch-Zimbabwean artist has transplanted herself into a number of cultures, from Harare to Amsterdam and then finally into the multicultural hotpot that is Peckham, London. These experiences have clearly influenced the artist, beyond the unique blend of indie-electro and afrobeat that forms the backbone of the single’s sound.

The track lyrically tells a coming of age story about two friends moving to the city. As one bails, the other is forced to find her own way without companionship or a sentimental link to her past. It’s a story that could only sound right coming from an artist like Rina.

“A lot of my songs reflect on searching for a sense of place,” Rina says. “It’s something that’s often been elusive for me as I’ve moved around a lot growing up. But also really examining different facets of that — identity, representation, community, belonging, and conflict with one’s surroundings.”


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