Video// Glacial pop and organ destruction

Sad Palace 1 – keys 0

Sad Palace is an indie outfit in the traditional sense: its latest single Frostbeat is rich in lyrical loneliness; its sound can be best defined as ‘guitar music’ and, as such, Frostbeat’s video shows that the band has a strong dislike of other instruments.

In this instance, the instrument at the receiving end of the sledgehammer of hatred is the humble organ, which over the course of the four minute video is marched up a hill to certain doom. As icy guitar swells give way to a maelstrom of crashing percussion and guitar tones of alt-rock grittiness, the hammer comes down and the organ suffers for its sins.

Essentially, the video is a well-soundtracked visual of an organ being marched to the firing line. But, my god, is it enjoyable.

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