Listen// Electronic disco-funk for the weekend

L.A.D pays homage to the heyday of disco and funk on new single.

Unless you’ve spent quite a lot of the time since 2013 under a particularly dense and noise-cancelling rock, chances are you’ll have picked up on two strong trends in modern pop music:

  • Electropop tends to do best when it has an 80s-throwback, nostalgic feel to it
  • Funk is the new black

Even if you haven’t spotted these things, Live After Dark (L.A.D) certainly has. This is made explicitly obvious on new single Dance Floor, a funked up electropop track rich in rhythms and wielding synths that induce disco fever. Think of what Daft Punk did with Random Access Memories, but put that hand in hand with a velveteen, traditionally disco-soul vocal.

With that, the band also manages to tap into the simple messaging and sentiments necessary for modern clubs. The song doesn’t try to embellish itself with superfluous details or unnecessary lyrical depth; it instead prides itself in glamorous superficial soundscapes, with only occasional glimpses of messaging.

Generally speaking, the track is all about inspiring dancing and movement, but with an added underlayer of the chorus that slips in a discrete message of unity and harmony through dance.

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