Listen// Sinister title, nervous optimism

The new release from Jilk is nervously uplifting.

We won’t beat around the bush: JILK‘s latest offering, Mum There’s Someone In The Garden, is a strange one to make heads and tails of. The band’s indie-electronica sound has garnered a lot of high profile hype, but this track takes it to a new level.

Striking an uncertain balance between sinister sounds, sweet horn and string sections and a jittery electronic energy, the track as a whole feels simultaneously upliftingly beautiful and depressingly bleak.

This is hardly a surprise though; the track features as the band’s first cut from its latest album Joy In The End – an album that is composed to reflect the state of the modern world and to highlight both the crippling melancholy and the moments of hopeful optimism. And it’s impossible to say, based off of this track alone, that the band has done anything less than exceed themselves in achieving this.

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