Listen// Get carefree with Hot Collars

Indie-ish outfit drops another carefree single ahead of ep.

There’s something awfull endearing about Hot Collars and the outfit’s carefree attitude in a world torn by tension, stress and seriousness. Previous single Vegas Baby did well to establish the band’s carefree vibe and new single No Money No Problem unsurprisingly follows in the same vein.

A key part of the outfit’s no stress feel is its sound. The band has a unique indie-ish, pop-folk sound that makes fun and effective use of instruments and sounds that have fallen out of traditional pop favour. No Money No Problem might use a claptrack and a light funked up guitar like many other tracks, but it also drops in a horn melody and scratching – both of which seldom appear in modern pop.

This deviation from convention is Hot Collars’ greatest strength and the reason why every track they drop is feelgood gold that you won’t experience from any other artist.

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