Listen// Hot Collars hit Vegas

The hottest new pop-folk band around shares its second gem.

Few bands have the kind of running start to their careers that Hot Collars did. The band released the killer Tongue Tied a little while back and it was a highly enjoyable and energetic statement that simultaneously showcased a new, unique style and one that everyone could easily buy into.

Luckily for all of us, the magic has happened again. New single Vegas Baby brings the band’s traditional folk instrumentation and pop rhythms and deliveries back in another accessible package, with the humble harmonica leading the charge. It’s rare enough that a harmonica finds its way into a pop song, yet even rarer for one with the kind of energy that Vegas Baby has.

It’s upbeat and easily one for indie clubs, so for a track to fit that description and include a harmonica lead riff is testament to the talent of Hot Collars. There is nobody else that could pull off such a feat of indie-pop brilliance, which bodes well for the band’s future.

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