Video// Don’t talk to Nightly

A lustful late night indie-pop gem gets a creepily obsessive visual.

Nightly is an outfit with some serious guts. First, the band drops a killer single — the tropical indie-pop powerhouse Talk To Me — and then it capitalises on it giving it the creepiest video possible. Now that takes guts.

Unfortunately, it’s not creepy in the spooky way, more in the crazy stalker way. While the catchy single chants away in the background and provides the perfect soundtrack to lose yourself in, those who don’t completely immerse themselves in the music will witness the tale of a young woman stalked.

Yes, there is undoubtedly some alternative meaning in the track. But the video, at a surface level, shows the glitching lead singer of Nightly following a woman around town at night, with flashbacks of fond memories that may or may not be wishful thinking. Sure, the video spins it around at the end to give a hint of some existential cuteness to it, but it’s not quite overt enough to override the previous three minutes of street stalking.

It’s a good job that the track is infectious and rousing, because otherwise we’d have a problem.

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