Listen// Jazzing up club music

Rad Cat drops new single and it puts a playful spin on club.

Upon first sight of Rad Cat, you’d probably be forgiven for uttering “oh dear” and mentally dismissing the artist as a bit of a Deadmau5 knock-off. Given the anthropological name, the penchant for electronic music and an untitled EP in tow, it’s an easy mistake to make on paper.

Fortunately, Rad Cat’s music itself makes you sit up and take notice. New single Without U, for example, is a slice of playful club music with fascinating instrumentation. The percussion gently rattles and grooves in the background, rarely drawing too much attention to itself, while the synths strike a good mix of jazz-like flourishes and tones that melt into the mix.

It’s not quite your conventional club number, and that’s what makes listening to it so magical.

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