Listen// PRESSYES debuts in psychedelic style

Artist’s debut single is a mashup of Tame Impala, Beck and Mile Me Deaf.

As far as debut singles go, PRESSYES is up there with one of the most expertly crafted of recent years. The artist’s psychedelic debut, Touch The Sky, is a sprawling pop-inspired track that morphs over the space of three short minutes.

The song begins as a fairly unassuming psychedelic single characterised by marching drums and analogue production. But it’s the vocals that provide the intrigue to the track; they’re not your typical spaced out, echoey vocals, but rather a frank and moderately off-key spoken voice.

Once this vocal kicks in, everything morphs into an intense stomp through psychedelic lands, with vocal loops and tense key melodies making this feel like more than another psych-pop track.

It’s as if Beck had teamed up with Mile Me Deaf – and this is definitely no bad thing. It’s a fresh spin on a decades old genre, which is great grounds for a strong debut and a promising career.

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