Playlist// Best new music – June 2017

A kickass playlist of everything from pop-folk to electronica.

Hot Collars – Vegas Baby:

Vegas Baby brings Hot Collars’ traditional folk instrumentation and rhythmic pop deliveries back in another accessible package, with the humble harmonica leading the charge.

Read more here.


The Dream Eaters – Neanderthals:

OK, OK. We were a bit late to this one. But that doesn’t make this lumbering behemoth of folktronic perfection any less of a must-hear.

Read more here.


XYLO – Alive:

Alive is an unstoppable electropop juggernaut. The track pulses with a near-EDM energy and essentially bounces out of the speakers.

Read more here.


Thomas Lundrell – Your Loss:

The track houses the kind of acoustic-led energy that is impossibly rare to find in many folk artists. It’s hyponotically memorable and utterly infectious.

Read more here.


Blajk – Gunshot:

A slow-burning indie-pop track built on a steady beat and a vocal that simultaneously channels the melody and commands the rhythm of the song.

Read more here.

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