Listen// Kyle Bent is about to blow up

Rapper brings fire to new single.

It’s probably fair to say that most 20-year-old rappers usually haven’t quite mastered their craft. That definitely isn’t the case with Kyle Bent, whose lighthearted-but-impactful new single Just A Little Bit is proving that he is more than just hype.

The track sees Bent bring quickfire deliveries to rattling beats and ambient electronics in a well-paced celebration of life and living. It’s a light, lit listen and makes for four minutes of enjoyable inspiration to go and create, be or do something.

Speaking about the track, Bent said, “Just A Little Bit is a care free record about having good times and enjoying the moment with your homies. The inspiration for the track comes from my desire to continue levelling up and making my life what I want it to be. I hope the song can also inspire other people to change their lives and level up as well.”

Support the artist! Buy the track here.

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