Listen// A playful electronic tune

Ramzoid and Haley Sheffield and team up for the lightest electronic track in a while.

There’s something refreshing about hearing a piece of electronic music that doesn’t seem to take itself too seriously. All too often will musicians amp up the tension and intensity in their music, or add tropical synths to a high-octane pace that still sounds intense.

That’s where Ramzoid and Haley Sheffield have stepped in, taking the title of most casual electronic hit of the decade. Ramzoid’s new single Firefly doesn’t take its instrumentation too seriously at all as it moves along at a plonking speed using only light sounds. There is no heavy bass drops or drum kicks here; it’s primarily driven by blissful synth stabs, a gentle vocal and a melody that almost feels picked.

It offers no frills or excess, just a pure and simple slice of playful electronic enjoyment.

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