Premiere// BLAJK – Gunshot

Indie outfit’s latest single is sultry, sophisticated and strong.

It’s amazing how far the music industry has come in the past decade. Before the advent of DIY recording and distribution technology, the term “unsigned” conjured a couple of stereotypes for artists. The first is that they had an unrefined sound and that no self-produced recording would be of a high quality, while the second is that the band were just, frankly, awful.

Blajk is indicative of just how far we’ve come from. The band is unsigned and, as latest single Gunshot shows, that doesn’t stop them from producing music that is fierce, powerful and brimming with intense indie-pop excitement.

Despite a name indicating a quick and violent explosive flash, the track itself is a relatively slow-burning track built on a steady beat and a vocal that simultaneously channels the melody and commands the rhythm of the song. It’s a rare example of a track that puts the vocal truly at the core of its sound.

If you were to remove all other sounds and instrumentation, the voice would be strong and layered enough to still carry the track forward. Frontman Jordan Radics offers up a voice that holds the expression and passion perfect for topping radio charts while also keeping a steady sense of rhythm that most would turn exclusively to a drumkit for.

That isn’t to diminish any of the other instruments in this mix; each line joins together perfectly to create a dark, sultry swagger that is memorably minimalist. The magic truly happens when each sound comes together into a powerhouse indie-pop single that is as enjoyable and it is engulfing.

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