Listen// The ultimate weekend starter

Skinny Fish drops the ultimate EDM anthem to kickstart all of 2017’s parties.

EDM is music pretty much designed exclusively to get you pumped up for nights out, so to pick a single track out as being the definitive weekend starter track speaks volumes. Yet there can be no other way of describing We Belong To The Night, the latest offering from Skinny Fish.

Taking the core elements of EDM and splicing it with progressive house sounds like quite a good recipe for dance success, but Skinny Fish seemingly isn’t an outfit that settles for ‘good’ when great is on the table. After the initial house buzz wears out, the track is suddenly sexed up in the only way possible — with the inclusion of a blues-toned, late night saxophone lead line.

Capturing a solid blend of celebratory vibes and unspoken passion, all with a twist of EDM excitement, We Belong To The Night is a track that is irresistible, unforgettable and — within a few months —will be inescapable.

Support the artist! Get a copy of the track here.

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