Listen// The White Room’s psychedelic grooves

Psych-rockers channel The Horrors on latest single.

Listen to White Room's new single Take Me Away - FFO The Horrors

If you, like me, feel that The Horrors entered into a downward spiral of lacklustre quality after the release of Skying, you’re not alone. Fortunately, you don’t have to sit alone, listening to the album on repeat to get your fix anymore — because psych-rock outfit White Room has just dropped a new single that fills the void.

With rumbling bass lines, searing guitar reverberations and a gritty vocal, Take Me Away offers a more intense take on what has come before. Yet, with that said, the combination of these sounds proves oddly hypnotic. In fact, Jake Smallwood’s gritty vocal sounds so compelling in the mix that it’s likely he could induct you into some type of cult, as long as he had the right backing track.

Take Me Away is three mesmerising minutes of psychedelia that feels like an eternity in all the best ways.

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