Watch// Drift off with Signal

An unusual, but enjoyable, new electronic track.

It’s been a while since we heard from SIGNAL, or even its sibling project Krychek. However, the first signs of life in almost a year have been heard as SIGNAL has just dropped a new track and atmospheric video combination in the form of Fucking In A Spaceship (or FIAS, for those opposed to curse words).

The time away appears to have done something to the artist’s mind, however, as the new track is a lot more peculiar than previous offerings. Sitting in between space-age ambience and dark electronic, the track musically feels like the soundtrack to an Alien: Covenant montage. Yet the vocals sit strangely in the track, with the distorted tones and repetition of the phrase “it’s a fucking spaceship” undermining the atmosphere created by the music. It all feels just a little bit Lonely Island.

It’s an unusual shift for SIGNAL. Musically, the track is equal parts soothing and tense, while taking listeners on an interstellar psychelectronic journey. But once the vocals take your attention away, it’s very difficult to drift back in.

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