Listen// Down-tempo emotional RnB

New single from frythm & Rome Fortune is raw feeling.

The trend for bravado-filled RnB has gone on for so long that many artists don’t really remember a time before that became the norm. Fortunately, Frythm seems to remember — sort of. Despite being dubbed ‘future beat’ by the artist, Frythm’s sound is a throwback to the raw emotion that defined RnB when it first emerged.

New single Breakthrough exemplifies this. The track is a raw and emotional down-tempo RnB tune with haunting synth lines and scratchy beats that almost echo a weakened heartbeat. Then there’s the vocal of Rome Fortune, which adds a rich depth to the mix and a soulful vibe to an already emotionally-intense track.

There is some questionable lyrics involved in the track (“if your face was a football, I would punch you” being one stand out line), but the overwhelming melancholic glory of the instrumentation itself allows listeners to just gloss over these moments.

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