Review: Maria Lynn is pop incarnate

Debut EP is pure contemporary pop, from night in to morning after.


If you were to try and summarise contemporary pop in a single sound or release, chances are your first guesses would fall at the feet of one of the several artists regularly dominating mainstream radio. However, you need to make space in that list for Maria Lynn, whose debut EP All or Nothing is the essence of contemporary pop itself.

Over the course of only twelve minutes, Lynn channels all of the worst heartaches associated with love and romance into four tracks that showcase the four shades of modern pop. The titular All or Nothing is the straightforward club number, with a memorable vocal hook and a powerful pre-chorus drop that is complemented by clicktracked verses and a sensual voxal, while Diamonds is a more sombre track that feels perfect for the afterparty.

This is what makes Lynn so representative of the contemporary pop scene. With her debut EP, she has opted to not go for creating four tracks of nonstop life-of-the-party energy and instead presented herself as multifaceted and a good all-round pop artist. Whether listeners prefer the engulfing energy of All or Nothing or the sophisticated pop balladry of Miss You, there is something on offer for everyone with enough musical variety to not seem too repetitive.

If there is a fault to be found with the EP, it’s that Lynn’s sultry vocal delivery style highlights an area where she isn’t as strong: lyrically. While much of the release can be given a pass, there are certain lines where Lynn has tried to bring a poetic depth to her lyricism and proven unsuccessful. The most prominent of these is the line from closing track Miss You, “Just like fire hitting me from the Sun, you knock me down“, which conjures to mind a defeated Lynn forced to crawl across the ground during the daylight hours of any given day. It’s an awry attempt at lyrical depth, and is unfortunately not an isolated incident.

Despite this failing, Lynn proves that she has strong musical foundations on which to build lyrical prowess. For a debut, few artists could hope to present something as diverse within a set genre. Lynn has a strong future in the industry and this is just the first step.

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