Listen: An early taste of Summer

Tropical new single from BOA kickstarts Summer early.


There are only two things to do when held tight in the grips of Spring: either feel grumpy about it, or look forward to Summer in any way possible. For those more inclined to the latter, pop trio BOA has just dropped the song that will do just that.

The new single, Steal It, channels a Years & Years-esque vibe into sun-kissed guitars and loose rhythms that capture the feelgood feeling of sunshine, carefree fun and youthful affection. It’s an innocent, inoffensive pop track that doesn’t break new ground but settles into the pop scene well – and that’s not always a bad thing.

What the song does do spectacularly well is express its lyrical message of coping with unrequited love. As vocalist Hugh Reilly-Smith explains, “Everyone can relate to falling for someone they view as so perfect that they become unattainable. Steal It is a song about putting that person on a pedestal and mirroring everything they do, especially the darker things, in a vain attempt to win them over.

If you regularly find yourself as the victim of unrequited love, then this track will likely stick with you for years to come. If not, then it’ll at least stay around for the Summer.

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