Watch: AFTPC is back with a vengeance

Indie-rock outfit amps things up with new track Moonlight.


Auction for the Promise Club is a band that we’ve been following for quite a long time. In fact. AFTPC was one of the first outfits we covered on the site – back when the band was headed down a more ethereal musical path. Now, ahead of the band’s debut album dropping later this year, AFTPC has returned with new single (and music video) Moonlight.

Having already established themselves as a band that prefers to let the music speak for itself, the video understandably bypasses any visual frills and focusses on a dimly lit performance. This couldn’t be any more fitting. Under low lights and in a closed atmosphere, the band powers through arguably one of its most raw and relentless pieces to date. Moonlight is worlds apart from older material, with a fuzzed up bassline and a stadium-rock styled guitar line creating an apocalyptic backdrop for the inimitable vocals of Zoe Chambers.

AFTPC has come a long way in five years and this single represents a bright future and a big album.

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