Listen: Fragile cinematics

Tender indie artist Tusks makes cinematic return with new single.


Powerful and cataclysmic drums, juxtaposed by tender and emotional vocal lines that sound as if they are only moments from collapsing into emotional turmoil; it’s an unusual recipe for success. Yet, as Tusks‘ latest offering Toronto shows, it is perfectly possible.

Tusks has this strange contradiction mastered. While, ordinarily, an emotionally-drenched vocal would be completely overwhelmed by the grandiose percussive thumps and crashes that she has opted for here, her trademark crystalline guitar sound is the perfect bridge. As the song plays out and builds from subdued vocal deliveries to a crescendo of muscular drums and glacial guitars, Tusks proves that her style of inward-looking, reflective songwriting does not mean that her soundscapes can’t be larger than life.

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