Review: Chill night meets club night

LIANA breaks free of The Voice with debut EP.


Hailing from Quebec’s version of The Voice, LIANA demonstrates her ability to stand on her own two feet without the support of a TV audience. Prime Time, her debut EP, is full of the excitement and anticipation that has followed her appearance on the show, without a degree of disappointment. LIANA manages to turn the hype surrounding her catapult into the limelight into dance-laden beats that will inevitably become the soundtrack to your Friday nights out.

Good Intentions opens the record and acts as a perfect reflection of LIANA: it fuses together her R&B influences with a house feel that runs through the heart of the EP. She cleverly sets her ethereal, soulfully rich vocals against a beat that is both relaxing and pulse racing. By pairing classical guitar riffs with a climatic melody, we get the best of both worlds musically: is it R&B, is it house music? Why, no. It’s LIANA.

Moreover, On the Run is definitely one of the more dance hall-esque tracks from the EP. With the use of synthesisers and looping vocals throughout, it is separated from her more melodious and reflective tone. Although many anthematic tracks circulating around the airwaves tend to be all beat and no content, LIANA rises above and serves both up to an exceptional quality. This mix of emotion and tempo makes it the perfect accompaniment to the beginning or the end of the night.

If Don’t Miss You had to be described in one word, that would be sassy. Indeed, this and Danger show a soulfully sexy side to LIANA’s vocals and vibe more generally. Through the pair, she showcases her smooth, ballad-worthy voice over a more R&B focused sound. By impoverishing the electronic beat influence and placing attention on the ethereal nature of her voice, we see how she is a versatile artist that is able to morph between a multitude of musical personas.

As far as debut EPs go, Prime Time is up there as a success. The combination of sounds and generic influences allows for it to have a rounded feel. From making us want to test our speakers to their maximum to wanting to sit in front of a fire, LIANA has all grounds covered. She may well be the first artist to successfully shake off the stigma of her talent show past and step confidently into the spotlight on her own merit.

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