Listen: A new wave of EDM

Yoe Mase shakes things up with new single After Hours.


EDM is hot shit right now and, as a result, a lot of artists in the scene are churning out songs rather than finely crafting them into perfect tunes. Fortunately, for all the run-of-the-mill songs being pushed out, there is hope in Yoe Mase. His latest single After Hours brings a new feel to the scene.

While After Hours’ title might give the impression that this will be your standard kind of late-night, pseudo-sophisticated beats and synths, Mase goes down the right of making it feel lighter and more fun. It’s a track that bounces out of the speakers with imaginative hooks and instrument selections that bear an uncanny resemblance to Hellberg’s Slumber Party.

Yoe Mase has created something fun and enjoyably relentless, branching away from the overbearing intensity that many EDM artists opt for and offering something lighter for the middle of the night. This could be the next step for EDM music.

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