Watch: Dakota lets loose in video for Icon

Indie-pop foursome share senseless fun.


There’s a worrying trend of musicians opting for super serious, thought-provoking music videos, under the impression that it is that kind of content that makes them stand out from the crowd. Even if the video concept is not an especially creative one, the commitment to seeming serious is strong.

Dakota isn’t a band that is content to follow fashion, however. In the outfit’s latest video, for psych-spun indie gem Icon, the quartet goes all Andy Warhol on us in a colour-driven video that has very little meaningful significance. While the song itself is about the struggle of attempting to live up to the standards a partner sets when they fancy someone else, the video is very much focussed on having fun.

Whether it’s dancing to the music while playing with the lighting, or just sharing a joke between shots of lip-syncing the song, the video has fun all over it. It’s senseless fun, as the reason for the laughter is never really shown to viewers, but that doesn’t detract from it. It’s an infectiously cheery visual offering to accompany a moderately chipper-sounding song – just what you need after January 20.

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