News: From The Depths In(to) The Cards

Kickass UK melodic alt-metal outfit signs with US independent record label.


2017 is already shaping up to be a brilliant year for alt-metallers In The Cards, who has just been snapped up by Pennsylvania-based record label From The Depths. While the band has been making waves in the UK scene for a number of years, this seems to be the first indication that it is also making an impact overseas.

Though it’s hardly surprising that the band has been picked up now. In August 2016, In The Cards returned in a powerful way with the release of Mazes – a hard-hitting single that saw the band experiment with its tried-and-tested metal sound. This also happened to be not only the band’s first piece to make it onto Spotify, but also was the first new material produced by the band in two years.

Dropping one single on Spotify and finding record success less than six months later? If that is anything to go by, all eyes should be on In The Cards in 2017.

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