Watch: Janessa Evrist bares her insecurities

A heartfelt pop-ballad that packs a punch but doesn’t deliver a knockout.


Emotional pop-ballads, if done properly, are immensely successful. Done in the wrong way, however, and they become a little bit morose and preachy.

Fortunately, Janessa Evrist has found a pretty strong balance in new single Fall Apart. Ambiguous topicality mingles with clear sentiment in a widely relatable set of lyrics, while indie-pop guitars and drums support the central piano melody. It’s a flawless structure with all the makings of a huge hit.

Yet despite all of these killer qualities, the track itself falls short of delivering a knockout blow. The track has a strong sense of musical tension and is designed in a way that perfectly facilitates a musical build, but this build-up comes to nothing. The chorus is written in a way that should inspired listeners, but due to possible faults in either recording or editing, the chorus lacks the explosive allure and strength that it needs. It’s a long wait for a climax that never quite comes.

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