The sound of your mind when drunk

Nowhere To Go drops mesmerising remix of Tremble’s Blur.


We’ve all been there. 2am, night out, too much to drink and your mind desperately trying to cling to the remnants of self-awareness and consciousness. It’s all a blur and, when you do manage to capture a coherent thought, it becomes drowned out by the penetrating electronic tones and thumping bassnotes.

If you can recall the feeling well, you’ll be surprised at how accurately Nowhere To Go‘s latest offering captures it. The stunning remix of Tremble’s Blur is an odd cross between chillwave, house and electropop that gives the impression that everything is in an orderly structure before things began to overlap and merge. Vocal lines will cut into one another very slightly and the backing instrumentation will take up slightly more room in the mix at points than you might expect. These are very minor touches, but very masterful ones.

If all music is, to some degree, born of an emotion or atmosphere then it makes sense that music should convey that in a subtle and unspoken way. That is the magic of this remix. It is an extraordinarily rare example of a song that does everything right to sound perfect from a pop perspective, but that adds in enough moderately jarring touches that really convey a specific mood artfully. Right down to the solo vocal close, alone after the noise dips out, the message is loud and clear: drink responsibly Nowhere To Go is an amazing talent.

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