Gryffin and Bipolar Sunshine are holding back

Two artists drop half-hearted video for Whole Heart.


When a song is as genuinely brilliant as Gryffin and Bipolar Sunshine‘s Whole Heart is, it usually goes without saying that the music video will be less impressive. As much as you hope it won’t be the case, it usually is.

Whole Heart is no exception. While the track itself sounds bigger than ever and feels like the kind of spiritual lift that we all need as we teeter on the precipice of the Trumpocalypse, the video is unremarkable. The artists haven’t simply followed the performance piece route of musical videography, but they have opted for the set piece of dramatic landscapes and solo shots. The video follows Bipolar Sunshine delivering the song with conviction but, other than some cheeky product placement, that’s pretty much all the video is.

It’s not as mindblowing as the music, and it was never going to be. It just feels a little bit half-hearted.

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