Lila Swain is the undisputed queen of melancholy

New offering from Lila Swain brings sorrow to the fore.


Lila Swain is not exactly known for her uplifting songs. Behind the quasi-energetic rhythms of previous single Hands, it makes sense that Swain would push herself stylistically into writing tracks with a more sombre feel.

However, her latest single Across The Ocean appears to gone as far away as possible from the energy of Hands. This time around, Swain is accompanied only by a drearily minimalistic piano melody and the occasional slow swell of strings to add to the already melancholy atmosphere. Vocally, Swain is naturally more inclined to the bluesier side of pop, so it seems she is playing to her god-given strengths with this sprawling ballad of heartache.

It’s powerful, moving and brilliant, but it’s not quite Hands.

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