Electro-jazz bliss

Harry Baker is presenting us with six-minutes of sprawling escapism.


After only five years of composing music, it’s surprising that Harry Baker has as much of a penchant for jazz as his new single suggests. Jazz is something that many artists spend years attempting to master. Yet Baker seems to have no problem borrowing aspects of the genre for the electronic adventure that is Violets.

Take the overall feel of jazz and throw in funked up grooves, soulful vocalwork and synth sounds that can only be described as reminiscent of vaporwave, and you’re part way to describing the single. Baker appears to have crafted a single representative of his large number of musical influences, while trying to give each one equal weighting in such a way that the end result is completely unique. Clocking in at six minutes, Violets is a perfect slice of escapism that – while it certainly uses memorable melodies and hooks – is crafted with little desire for mainstream appeal. Yet another unusual angle for somebody only five years into their musical career.

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