An out-and-out pop gem

Glorious lovelorn and lustfully submissive single from Innes.


Pop is less a genre than it is a descriptor. Since it is just a term applied to anything that has mainstream appeal, it’s inherently difficult to define anything as being a pop gem. After all, to do so would be to take into consideration nearly every other song by every mainstream artist to have graced your ears.

That, of course, is to take things to extremes. However, if you were to do that you would likely still rank the new single from Innes moderately highly. The track, Stay, is a lovelorn single full of seductive vocals, traditional pop deliveries and lyrics ripe for open interpretation. Pretty much anybody with ears will find something of merit in the mix, whether it’s an uttered sound or the energetic shuffle of drum rhythms, without finding it overbearing. In fact, Stay is the first pop single in a very long time to master the art of the fine touch.

Innes has disclosed what the inspiration behind the track is, though we shall not share this information. To do so would be to undermine the widespread interpretation and accessibility of the single itself. Lyrically, it could fit anything from a long-term, long distance relationship to unrequited attraction. Let’s keep it that way.

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