Dabin brings bass to life

Dabin x Illenium = an electronic bass journey of epic proportions.


Remix albums always have a lot of potential for smaller artists. When a big artist announces a collection of remixes, it allows talented emerging artists to show their abilities and even overshadow bigger acts. Which is why Dabin seems to have gone all out on Illenium‘s Afterlife, creating one hell of a journey for listeners in the process.

Remixing the track was never going to be a straightforward affair. One of the things that made the original so interesting was that it played out on uneven musical terrain, going from a smooth chilled-out vibe to something more energetic frequently through its run time. Instead of changing that, Dabin has wisely used the remix to accentuate and re-flavour these variations. The chilled bits are now slightly more emphasised and floor-ready, while the hook sections have been made even more powerful and effective.

In many ways, there’s not a lot of change from the original, but there is enough to make this well worth a listen (as well as a free download).

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