A hazy vision of skunks

New video from The Rainbow Express is surreal and we don’t get it.


Music videos present artists with a wonderful opportunity to make a strong symbollic gesture or veiled artistic statement. However, sometimes these statements may be a touch too abstract to be effectively communicated to viewers.

The latest video from The Rainbow Express is an example of a music video that might do just that. Accompanying the outfit’s excellent chilled-out single High Street Blues, the video follows the story of a skunk-costumed woman walking the streets alone at night. For the most part of the story, that seems to be all there is.

Of course, there is context. It’s likely that the video is a commentary on outsiders feeling alienated for being different and only eventually finding solace and affection in the arms – that is, if skunks have arms – of another who has been similarly outcast. It’s a pretty straightforward message, if that is indeed what the video is trying to portray. That is a message that can only be assumed and therefore not truly understood. The video could simply be nothing more than a play on the EP title from which the single originates, Pepe La Pue Was Doing It Wrong.

Whether the video is easily understood or not, the song is a blissful venture into a pleasant tundra of icy indie guitars and chilled vocals. Even if the visuals confuse you, at least the music will please you.

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