Get ready for the weekend with Dirty Audio x DJ Snake

Unstoppable energy from Dirty Audio’s latest killer remix of DJ Snake & Yellow Claw.


EDM is barely passable as EDM if it does not get you fully pumped and prepared for the weekend. This is particularly true of remixes, which are usually designed in a way that is meant to ooze pure euphoria. Dirty Audio gets it, which is why the new remix of DJ Snake & Yellow Claw’s Ocho Cinco is such a killer offering.

From start to finish, this track is non-stop energy. The build-up has become a commodity in electronic styles in recent years as a way of drawing people in and sweeping them up in the momentum. Dirty Audio doesn’t follow fashion. This track slides straight in at the high octane pace and, bar a short burst of semi-building early on, doesn’t let up for a moment. This is a track designed for dance floors and clubs and it is perfectly crafted. The track ends rather abruptly, but this is not a song that is best enjoyed alone in the first place. Stick it in the middle of a playlist, sort out the smooth transitions and enjoy.

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