Hit of the moment

MEMBA, GIIA and Hoosh have come together for a killer future R&B single.


Genre-bending seems to be the musical trend of the moment. After decades of genres being clearly defined and generally disparate, more and more artists have been taking baby steps towards musical cross-contamination. However, these merged sounds have generally been hit and miss and the balancing act of getting a genuinely new sound is one that not many artists get right.

Fortunately, collaborations make this balance easier, as MEMBA, GIIA and Hoosh have proven with their new joint single, Heat of the Moment. The track, predominately attributed to MEMBA, is an example of a single born of distinct sounds coming together to make something new.

In the seldom explored land where world music, R&B, electro and hip-hop come together, this single reigns supreme. By combining the specialties of each collaborator, Heat of the Moment is a testament to the radio-accessible, universally-appealing brilliance of collaborations. This is unlike anything else you will hear this year.

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