Glam is back in fashion

New single from George Morris is the pop-packed return of glam.


It feels like an eternity since there was last an artist that could be dubbed glam and it wouldn’t feel like an insult. So many artists have come along since the initial glam bubble burst and made the term feel like a dirty slur, or a synonym for any artist that is deliberately over the top.

George Morris is seemingly the exception to this. His latest track, 100 Years, is a glam-inspired mash up of alt-rock and synthpop, making for a strikingly unusual yet pleasingly familiar sound. Weaving together the musical threads of St Vincent, Radiohead, Ziggy-era Bowie and early Mansun, Morris crafts a beautiful backdrop for his fascinatingly feminine vocals.

Without a doubt, this is one of the more boundary challenging tracks of recent times. It is nothing musically exceptional, but holds just the right balance of components that defies convention in miniature ways. These mini deviations from standard sounds make for a track that absorbs listeners into its waves of oscillating rhythms and shimmering melodies. This is where glam becomes respectable once more.

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