The Little Mermaid: LSD edition

NVDES drop the most mindbendingly weird music video of all time.


NVDES are very comfortable in their abstraction from the typical sounds of indie-pop. While the band regularly draws from ordinary pop sounds, there is always some degree of warping. Just take My Mind Is for example, which takes normal alternative music to an abrasive and energetic extreme.

Yet nothing can prepare you for I Give Up, I Need Your Love, the latest offering from the band. It’s a nonstop adrenaline rush of sugary insanity, sounding both like a coherent experimental pop song and a drugged up jam session between MGMT and Cage The Elephant. Instrumentation crops up in expected places and the vocals are delivered in erratic manners and fluctuating registers.

The only thing stranger than the song is the music video, which is like dropping acid while watching The Little Mermaid. It’s uncomfortably cutesy and upsettingly abstract, but it’s easily the most memorable music video in recent months.

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