The third coming

Tropix remix gives classic Roxette ballad an EDM makeover.


In today’s modern music environment of recycling, resampling, remastering and remixing, there’s quite a few melodies and songs that keep coming back around. One in particular is Listen To Your Heart, a track by 80s pop duo Roxette that became a trance sensation after a makeover by D.H.T in 2003.

Now, it’s come through the musical machine again. Tropix has remixed the D.H.T version of the track into an EDM beast, switching up the drawn out synth waves and mid-tempo snares for a nonstop push of rhythms and bass drops. It’s not a forward-thinking remix, preferring to embed itself in currently popular soundscapes rather than pushing the boundaries of contemporary EDM.

Though there is nothing wrong with this. In choosing this track, Tropix has made it clear that this is a track designed to garner support rather than to showcase exceptional individuality. And they suceed.

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