Brooding and beautiful

The latest offering from To Kill A King is a spiritual experience with plenty of atmospheric acoustics.


Acoustic guitars are a musical weapon that are seldom used to their full potential. It’s not very often, for example, that an artist will produce a track that consists heavily of finger-picking — the pinnacle of beautiful acoustic songwriting — but without becoming a mere showcase of musical prowess. Fortunately, To Kill A King has found the balance on new track The Problem of Evil.

Combining religious lyrical imagery with galloping picked guitars and melodiously key and string sections, this is the most ambitious an acoustic-led track has sounded in a very long time. This ambition is two-fold: the powerful lyricism paints a vivid picture of lost faith and existential doubt, while the music develops and builds in such a way that it tells its own story. While there is not a single word uttered during the song’s coda, it still produces a sense of finality and closure in the listener. The preacher, the main character of the song, has found peace — be it with his defeated belief or in the arms of faith once more. To Kill A King are back with big plans, big sounds and bigger talent.

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