Why don’t you listen to this?

The Outer Vibe bring to life the frustration of a one-way conversation.


There is not a person alive who can claim that they have not, at some point or another, found themselves in a one-way conversation. Arguably one of the most frustrating situations imaginable, there is seldom words to vent the emotion adequately.

To fill that void, The Outer Vibe has turned the feeling into persistent beats and energetic indie-pop with new single Why Don’t You Listen?. At its most basic level, the track is a successful merger of three hugely popular styles: the indie-folk singalong, the stadium-rock anthem and the indie-pop radio charmer. That itself is a recipe for some pretty aurally pleasing, commercially excellent sounds, but The Outer Vibe offers much more than just a musical hit.

The vocal deliveries are more than a shallow attempt at feeling. Each syllable is delivered in a way that seems to serve as a cathartic release of frustration, creating a very frank piece of music that appears to come from a place of genuine frustration. In fact, even the opening rhythm section plays into this statement of frustration as it persistently knocks in a way that, if it didn’t slip into the background of the mix, gradually becomes almost unbearable. It’s a constant knocking on the invisible wall that is locking the singer out, continuing despite the pleas of emotion and reason. If there is a song that is more accurate of this situation, we have not heard it.

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