Something worth hearing

An urgent pop-ballad serves as a killer debut single for Ping.


The ballad is an underappreciated art form. It’s traditionally earned itself something of a stigma for some reason, but most people will have a soft spot – whether they admit it or not – for the style. If not, Ping is here to change that.

A ballad is a bold move for any artist to try their hand at, but it’s even more striking when an artist makes their first single in the style. Yet Something Worth Saving is a stunning offering. Combining atmospheric key sections, tense guitars, simplistic but effective drums and a soaring vocal, Ping manages to create the most dramatic debut single of 2016. In fact, it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to sugges that this is the most ambitious and dramatic three minutes of any new artist in recent memory. Ping not only has a great vocal talent and musical sense, but has the risk-taking nerve to drop such a bold statement as her first single. It is the kind of bravery that every artist needs yet few possess.

The future is bright for Ping.

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