10 songs that changed The Regrettes

Rock-pop outfit The Regrettes share the top ten tracks that changed music for them.


Everybody has at least a handful of songs that changed music for them. It could be the first song a musician learned to play, the soundtrack to a married couple’s first dance, or even just a song that reminds you of an otherwise unremarkable moment in time. Today, rock-pop The Regrettes — who recently dropped a killer feminist call to arms — share the top ten tracks that changed the musical world for them.

Chosen by: Lydia, frontwoman
This is the song that got me into that whole [early 90s grunge] era of music. After hearing this song I absolutely fell in love with Hole.

The RatThe Walkmen
Chosen by: Maxx, drums
My cousin is the drummer in The Walkmen and he’s also a big influence of mine. This is the song that made me first want to start playing drums.

The Load OutJackson Browne
Chosen by: Sage, bass
I would listen to this song growing up, on road trips to northern California with my father and older sister. I remember really listening to it for the first time and listening to the message of the song.

Its all about being on the road, touring as a musician. Some nights its just so hard to stop playing because you love what you’re doing so much and the music feels so good and maybe the crowd is just too perfect that night. This song is a big reason as to why I’m a musician and why I look forward to touring as much as I do.

Teenage in Love Dion
Chosen by: Lydia
I used to play this song with my band when I was eight and I still play it today. It’s just a classic.

Hold OnAlabama Shakes
Chosen by: Lydia
This was my favorite song in middle school. Singing it taught me how to use my voice in a totally different way than I was used to.

Sprawl IIArcade Fire
Chosen by: Sage
This song was constantly playing in my room around the ages of 11-13. I remember discovering this album and instantly being inspired by the tones and chord progressions used. It’s a great song to listen to when you need a pick me up, which was probably why I listened to it as often as I did in my core teen years.

EverlongFoo Fighters
Chosen by: Maxx
This is a song my dad would always listen to when I was younger. It’s one of my favorite songs and it made me want to play music as a young lad.

Chosen by: Sage
This is another one of those songs that I heard a lot in my house as a child but never really listened to until I was older. The tone and the image that this song creates in my head is so powerful. I think it’s the first song to teach me that music is truly both a story and a feeling.

Helicopter – Bloc Party
Chosen by: Maxx
I would always try to learn this song when I first started playing drums. When I finally learned it, it opened a lot of doors for expanding my playing skills.

Chain of FoolsAretha Franklin
Chosen by: Lydia
My friend Grace and I used to cover this song and it reminds me of her.


Listen to all of The Regrettes’ choices below on Spotify.

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